1.82% is the homicide rate from a prehistoric era called ‘Jomon’ in Japan between 14,000–300 BCE. This number is much lower than the homicide rate in most middle age societies of 5 - 50%. It is also lower than the average murder rate of the primates family of 2%, which is the most aggressive group of mammals. (Average rate of mammals is 0.3%).

It is encouraging to find data that suggests humans may be less violent than it seems from the human history often focused on wars, hatred, and destruction. Some of this data shows that the prehistoric era, which is before humans formed 'societies', was relatively more peaceful. Perhaps the shape of our society makes us fight against each other, or maybe only a very small number of us are causing/triggering the violence by starting wars and inspiring others to be more violent which affects us all.

This project is the collection of interactive data visualization pieces about the violence of humans. I hope you enjoy them and they will inspire you to think about peace and what is driving the violence in our society.

Siori Kitajima, Multimedia Artist
siorikitajima.com / patternbased.com